Microsoft Excel Training Courses Chelmsford Essex

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Chelmsford, Essex

Microsoft Excel has become established globally as the most used and most useful spreadsheet application for businesses’ everyday needs – whether it is creating graphs and charts, or simply manipulating data. But how many users take full advantage of its capabilities, to achieve more outcomes in less time?

Microsoft Excel has as many 400 individual functions, each designed to make a specific task easier, and while many of these are highly specialised, there are fundamentals which will enable anyone to use spreadsheets more quickly and easily. Many valuable working hours can be lost if employees use only a small proportion of the functions included in Excel, which can also translate into wasted budgets.

Microsoft Excel offers many shortcuts to time consuming office tasks and this is where a structured training course is invaluable. Furthermore, individual hands-on training has been shown to be a very effective way of learning.

Our trainer-led tailored training courses will enable your staff to gain a better understanding of the tools and functions available in Excel and are designed to deliver practical skills. A short course can quickly bring an inexperienced user up to a much greater and more efficient standard, while more competent users will benefit from being able to broaden their knowledge to conduct more complex or sophisticated functions.

In-house Excel training courses are flexible and easy to organise as we bring all of the equipment needed to your offices, in a time frame that suits you. If required, we can also provide laptops for your staff to work on and we can accommodate any size of group. Prices start from £55 per person.

For more information about Microsoft Excel training courses in Chelmsford and surrounding areas, call free on 0800 2922842 or use our Quick Enquiry Form situated at the top right of this page.

Microsoft Office Training Courses Bristol

Onsite Microsoft Office training in Bristol and surrounding areas from £55pp

Microsoft Office is the first choice for businesses across the world to meet their IT needs, but are your staff realising the full potential of MS Office’s suite of applications? Most people would probably say that they know enough to be able to meet the requirements of their job, without realising that it might be possible to perform tasks more quickly, professionally and with better outcomes. For example, by manipulating data in an Excel spreadsheet, creating a powerful PowerPoint presentation or a complicated Word document.

We deliver Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project & Word training for any size group, tailored specifically to your needs and we will train your staff onsite in your own office. Our training courses are suitable for beginners or users with more experience of the Office suite, enhancing your employees’ existing skills or demonstrating aspects of MS Office of which they might be unaware.

Having a better understanding of the capabilities of Microsoft Office will help to improve staff’s skill-set and efficiency, saving businesses time and money. Running an in-house training course has the added benefit of reducing expensive travel costs and time lost through being away from work.

We provide all of the equipment needed to deliver the training, including laptops if required, which makes our onsite courses flexible and easy to organise, wherever your office might be located. Prices start from £55 per person.

For more information about Microsoft Office training in Bristol you can call free on 0800 2922842 or alternatively email us from our contact page

Microsoft Office Training Courses Lancashire

Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project & Word training at your own offices anywhere in Lancashire from £55 per person.

MS Office courses can cost upwards of £200 for each attendee when delivered at regional training centres. However, there are other delivery options available including onsite and online training.

Onsite Microsoft Office Training in Lancashire

We can visit your own offices and deliver Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project & Word training from as little as £55 per person (based upon a group of 10 delegates). Onsite training delivery has many advantages over regional centres in addition to the lower cost, including greater convenience and personalised course content. You can read more about this MS Office training option on our Onsite Training page.

Live Online ‘Virtual Training’ Courses

If you have just one person who needs to attend a Microsoft Office course, you might wish to consider a unique option which we refer to as ‘Virtual Training’. This comprises live online 1-1 training with one of our experienced tutors, using our Internet based facility. No special equipment or software is needed and the training can be undertaken in any convenient office or even from home if preferred. For full details about this new method of Microsoft Office training delivery, please visit the Online Training page.

Microsoft Excel Training Courses Swindon

Microsoft Excel training at your own premises in Swindon from £55 / delegate

If you are looking for Microsoft Office training for your employees in Swindon, onsite training could be the answer. We can come to your offices and deliver Microsoft Excel courses at Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced levels, from as little as £55 per person. With public Microsoft courses costing in the region of £200 per person, onsite training can work out both cheaper and more convenient. In addition, with typically smaller class sizes we can tailor the course content to suit your particular requirements. You can read more about this method of delivery in our Onsite Training section.

It goes without saying that our trainers are all fully qualified and highly experienced tutors. However, we understand that choosing a provider to entrust your Company’s training requirements to is clearly a big step and qualifications alone are no guarantee of  a high quality service. Consequently you may wish to take a look at what clients have to say about our training on the Client Testimonials page. Our reputation has been hard earned and we safeguard it by providing the same level of service for all our clients.

For more information about Microsoft Excel training courses in Swindon, please use our ‘Quick Enquiry Form’ at the top of the page. Alternatively you can call us free on 0800 2922842 for a no-obligation chat about your training requirements.

Microsoft Excel Training Courses Staffordshire

Excel training at your own offices anywhere in Staffordshire from £55 per delegate

We deliver local Microsoft Office training right across the County including Burton on Trent, Cheadle, Kidsgrove, Leek, Lichfield, Newcastle under Lyme, Stafford, Stoke on Trent, Tamworth, Tunstall, Uttoxeter. We come to you and bring all the necessary equipment, including project, screen and laptops where required.

Rates for onsite training can be significantly lower than sending your employees onto public courses. Our daily rate starts from as little as £55 per person, based upon a group of 10 delegates. For full details please see our Onsite Training section.

If you only have one person who requires Excel training, you might find our ‘Virtual Training’ option to be the most appropriate. This consists of a live 1-1 session online with a Microsoft tutor and can be taken in you own office or even at home if that is most convenient. Please see our Online Training section for full details.

If a public training course is still your preferred option, we can obtain a very competitive price for you through our extensive range of training partners. We act as brokers for many of the biggest training providers in the UK and secure generous discounts on their usual prices. please use our Quick Enquiry Form at the top right of this page for a quote today.

Microsoft Excel Training Courses Bournemouth

Staff who are skilled in their use of Excel are both more efficient and productive. Our experienced tutors will travel to your offices in and around Bournemouth to deliver Microsoft Excel training to either groups or on a one-to-one basis.

The key benefits of on-site training are:

  • Reduced travel costs for staff.
  • Convenience of working at their own offices to cover any important issues at the start or end of the normal working day.
  • Flexible delivery on subject topics – we use a pre-course questionnaire to gain skill level knowledge and then we tailor the course to suit your staffs’ needs.
  • Greater convenience – we come to you, bringing projector/screen & laptops if necessary. *
  • Lowered costs – onsite training can be delivered for as little as £55 per person (based upon 10 staff members in one session)

* Laptops incur a small administration charge of £15 per person.

On average, rates for national public courses are approximately £300 per person, so on-site Excel training at your offices in Bournemouth can work out considerably cheaper. All you require is just two or more staff team members who would benefit from training and you will save money.

Please call us for free on 0800 2922842 to discuss your requirements, or use our quick contact form at the top right of this page.

Microsoft Office 365 Training Courses Manchester

Microsoft Office 365 training courses at your offices in Manchester from £55 per delegate.

office365More and more of our activities, both social and business, are moving onto the web. With internet access becoming faster and faster, the opportunity for moving business documents, as well as business applications online, has now been fully realised. Following the lead taken by Google with their Google Docs, Microsoft has now developed its own online strategy known as Office 365. In effect it is a fully web-enabled version of Microsoft Office 2013 which can be stored either locally or accessed online remotely as required.

Migrating an organisation to Office 365 poses a number of challenges, including that of training staff to use the new features. If employees are already familiar with the previous versions of Microsoft Office 2007/2010 this should not be a major issue, however the process could be time consuming if not properly directed. Our Introduction to Office 365 course has been designed to get your employees up and running with the software in the shortest possible time. Here is a quick overview of the course content:

Introduction to Office 365 Training Course

  • What is Office 365?
    • Introduction
    • History
    • Options
  • The Outlook Web App
    • Introduction
    • Email
    • Folders
    • Calendars
    • Contacts
    • Tasks
    • Options
  • The Office Web Apps
    • Introduction
    • Working with Office online
    • Web App features
    • Using Office 365 on mobile devices
  • Using the SkyDrive
    • Introduction
    • Uploading and sharing documents
    • Connecting with PCs and mobile devices
  • Connecting & Collaborating with Others
    • Using SharePoint Online
    • Setting up a team site
    • Creating and editing the team site
    • Adding pages and web parts
    • Using Lync
    • Newsfeeds

The Introduction to Office 365 course can be delivered at your own offices from as little as £55 per person, which is significantly cheaper than public training events. Our prices include all the training equipment needed as well as personal course completion certificates. Clearly training onsite at your own premises is more convenient and in addition you benefit from smaller class sizes. This means that we can more easily tailor the course to suit your Company needs and those of your employees.

For more information about Microsoft Office 365 training courses in Manchester, please use our ‘Quick Enquiry’ form or alternatively call us free on 0800 2922842.

Microsoft Excel Training Courses Leicestershire

Excel training in-house at your premises anywhere in Leicestershire from £55 per person

Excel training courses LeicestershireCompared to the cost of public training courses, in-house training at your own offices can work out significantly cheaper if you have at least 2 staff members to train. Our Onsite Training page has full details of this option including prices.

Excel Course Levels

We offer 3 levels of Microsoft Excel training: Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced. For an overview of each please visit the Excel Onsite Courses page. As well as these standard courses we would also be happy to tailor Excel training to suit your particular needs. Groups of 10 – 15 delegates can be comfortably managed, however smaller courses clearly produce the best results.

Training Needs Analysis

If you are unsure which level of Excel training would be most appropriate, we can offer a free Training Needs Analysis service. This consists of a simple tick-box form which enables us to assess the individual requirement of each staff member. Where necessary we can advise on how to group employees in order to obtain the greatest value from your training budget.

Hosting In-House Training

You don’t need any special facilities in order to host your own Excel training courses. We provide all of the equipment needed including projector and screen. We can also supply individual laptops if required for a small extra fee of £15 each.

Benefits of In-House Training

There are many advantages to running your own Excel training in-house:

  • Lower cost compared with public courses
  • More convenient than travelling to public training centres
  • No associated travelling expenses
  • Smaller class sizes ensure more personal tuition
  • Course content can be tailored to suit your employees needs

To talk to us about your Leicestershire Excel training requirements, please call free on 0800 2922842. Alternatively, please visit our contact page or use the Quick Enquiry Form on the right.

In House Windows 7 Training Courses

Windows 7 training courses delivered onsite at your own offices anywhere in the UK

windows 7 training coursesWindows 7 is becoming the standard platform for businesses across the UK with more and more migrating from XP. However, getting to grips with a new OS can be challenging for an organisation. There are new features to be learned and in the case of Windows 7, there are some which users are often unaware of.

Most of these features are designed to save time and increase productivity, but finding and learning how to use them can take time in itself. To speed up the learning process we offer a half-day Windows 7 Workshop which can be delivered onsite at your own offices anywhere in the UK. This course has been specifically written to get staff up and running after a new OS migration as quickly as possible. Here is a brief overview of the features covered in the 3 hour course:

  • New Task bar
  • Aero Peek
  • The Windows ‘Orb’ start menu
  • Snap, Preview Desktop, Shake & 3D features
  • Windows 7 Explorer
  • Windows Search
  • Jump Lists
  • Sticky Notes
  • Problem Steps Recorder

We can deliver Windows 7 training at your offices from £55 per person (based upon a group of 10). You can view our full pricing structure on the Onsite Training page.

We also provide live online training via our web conferencing facility. No special software is required and the training can be undertaken on any suitable laptop or PC with speakers & microphone or a headset. If you only have one member of staff to train this is a both a convenient and economical option. You can read more on our Online Training page.

Microsoft Excel Training Courses Durham

Microsoft Excel training courses DurhamMicrosoft Excel Training Courses in Durham from as little as £55 each

No doubt you will have a set of criteria with which you need to evaluate an appropriate training organisation for your needs. Cost, competence, convenience and availability are usually fundamental priorities:

  • Cost – our rates can work out as low as £55 per person (based upon a group of 10 learners). Please visit the Onsite Training page for full details including our pricing structure.
  • Competence – our trainers are fully qualified tutors with many years of industry experience. Qualifications alone are no guarantee of a good teacher, particularly in an industry environment. Perhaps the best way to evaluate competence is to read what clients have to say about our training service on the Testimonials page.
  • Convenience – we bring all the training equipment with us, so that all you need is a suitable office.
  • Availability – we have local tutors right across the UK who can deliver Microsoft training at all levels at your own offices.

Arranging an onsite Excel course at your premises in Durham is easy. Just phone us free of charge on 0800 2922842 to discuss your training requirements and dates. Alternatively you can contact us using the quick enquiry form on the right or visit our contact page. We will provide you with a detailed quote and our availability at the times you require.

Microsoft Excel Training Courses Durham

Further options include:

  • Public training courses – please contact us for details of any local public training events
  • Virtual training courses – we deliver live online training across the UK to order. please visit the Online Training page for more information