Excel Training Courses Northamptonshire

In-house Microsoft Excel Training delivered to companies throughout Northamptonshire

Employers today have an expectation that their employees are not just computer literate, but also well versed in the Microsoft Office suite of programmes. More and more businesses expect staff to have a level of competency which will ensure the efficient operation of their enterprise, and key to this is a well-trained and motivated work force.  Companies invest heavily in software licenses and in order to receive a good return on that investment, it is essential that staff take full advantage of the software’s functions. At the same time, employees feel valued if a company invests time and money in training its staff to perform to their best ability.

We specialise in tailor-made training for individuals or groups, delivered by very experienced professionals in your company’s own offices. Our tutors will identify the level of training required for each individual and will teach them the skills they need to maximise Excel’s effectiveness, whether users have only a rudimentary understanding of what Excel can offer, or have a higher level of competence. By conducting our training sessions in your own premises, valuable time can be saved by our tutors bringing any equipment required and planning the training sessions around your normal working day.

Many Excel users know only what they have been shown to do for a specific task or role, without realising the programme’s potential to do much more. From simple calculations and spreadsheet creation to using pivot tables and performing complex mathematical procedures, there are more than 400 functions in Excel which, when properly utilised, can make your business more efficient.

Our course prices start from £55 per person. An overview of our course content is available on the Microsoft Excel page. To find out more about onsite Excel training in Northamptonshire, call free on 0800 2922842 or use the Quick Enquiry Form at the top of the page.