Introducing the Microsoft Excel Intermediate+ Training Course

The question we are probably asked most frequently when delivering training is: “do we have another course which follows on from Intermediate Excel, but isn’t too advanced?” Intermediate Microsoft Excel has always been our most popular course, perhaps largely down to the fact that it teaches practical and relevant skills which can be immediately applied in any office environment. Our clients see an immediate and measurable increase in employees’ effectiveness on spreadsheet tasks. So, to further enhance these skills, we’ve created a new course called Intermediate+.

Bridging the gap between Intermediate and Advanced levels, Intermediate+ teaches further, highly practical spreadsheet techniques designed to move your staff’s efficiency to the next level. In keeping with our other Microsoft Office training courses, Intermediate+ is 1 day in duration and can be delivered at your offices anywhere in the UK. Here is a brief overview of the course syllabus:

  • Working with Excel Tables to make filtering and analysing data easier
  • Developing PivotTable skills with more columns and bigger spreadsheets
  • How to achieve more by ‘nesting’ functions such as IF, AND and OR
  • More conditional formatting skills, including the use of icon sets
  • Further methods of sorting data by values, cell colours, font colours and icons
  • How to consolidate and total data across multiple worksheets and workbooks
  • Visualising data trends using graphs and charts, including PivotCharts
  • How to manipulate and rearrange text data in Microsoft Excel
  • Rearranging spreadsheet data using the handy Transpose function
  • Searching databases more effectively using Index and Match functions

The Intermediate+ Excel course is particularly suitable for staff who have already completed our Intermediate level training. However, anyone at an appropriate level of experience would benefit from the course. We provide a free Training Needs Analysis service to help you determine the correct level of Microsoft Excel training for all of your employees. Just contact us and we will email you our TNA tick-box form to complete and return. It only takes a couple of minutes and is completely without obligation.