Microsoft Excel Training Courses Chelmsford Essex

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Chelmsford, Essex

Microsoft Excel has become established globally as the most used and most useful spreadsheet application for businesses’ everyday needs – whether it is creating graphs and charts, or simply manipulating data. But how many users take full advantage of its capabilities, to achieve more outcomes in less time?

Microsoft Excel has as many 400 individual functions, each designed to make a specific task easier, and while many of these are highly specialised, there are fundamentals which will enable anyone to use spreadsheets more quickly and easily. Many valuable working hours can be lost if employees use only a small proportion of the functions included in Excel, which can also translate into wasted budgets.

Microsoft Excel offers many shortcuts to time consuming office tasks and this is where a structured training course is invaluable. Furthermore, individual hands-on training has been shown to be a very effective way of learning.

Our trainer-led tailored training courses will enable your staff to gain a better understanding of the tools and functions available in Excel and are designed to deliver practical skills. A short course can quickly bring an inexperienced user up to a much greater and more efficient standard, while more competent users will benefit from being able to broaden their knowledge to conduct more complex or sophisticated functions.

In-house Excel training courses are flexible and easy to organise as we bring all of the equipment needed to your offices, in a time frame that suits you. If required, we can also provide laptops for your staff to work on and we can accommodate any size of group. Prices start from £55 per person.

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