Microsoft Excel Training Courses Hampshire

Onsite Microsoft Excel Training throughout locations in Hampshire

Companies increasingly rely on a sound knowledge and use of IT to ensure the smooth and efficient running of their businesses. In order to achieve this, it is essential that employees working within a company are fully trained on the use of the software packages in which their firm has invested. With software licences costing hundreds of pounds, it is imperative that a return on that investment is realised through fully utilising the software’s capabilities.

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet application in use today, though unless you have received specific training in all of its functions, it would be easy to miss using it to its full potential. Excel is more than just a method of performing simple calculations and keeping records, it can be used to analyse data and perform complicated mathematical formulas. As the majority of Excel users are self-taught, there are many of Excel’s 400 functions which are being underutilised, and knowledge of its full capabilities could make a significant improvement to a company’s bottom line.

We have delivered Excel training for a wide range of organisations at their own offices throughout the UK. The major benefit of onsite training is that it is flexible and cost-effective, as all the necessary equipment – including laptops, if required – is supplied by us and the training is delivered at a time to suit you. A training room can easily be set-up within your own facility, with the additional benefit of saving time and expense which would otherwise be lost through travelling to another venue.

Tailored training not only gives staff new skills but also helps to increase the contribution made to your business, as employees with greater knowledge will improve productivity. In a single day, a novice can be taught the fundamentals of Excel which will enable them to carry out most office spreadsheet tasks quickly and efficiently, while more experienced Excel users can refine and add to their skills, learning how to achieve more in less time.

Our course prices start from £55 per person. An overview of our Excel course content is available on the Onsite Training page. To find out more about onsite Microsoft Excel training across Hampshire, call free on 0800 2922842 or email us using our contact page.