Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Buckinghamshire

Microsoft Excel is well established as the leading spreadsheet application in use today, in small companies and large. Excel is designed to make everyday tasks such as manipulating data or performing simple calculations, easy and accessible, but as many users are self-taught or receive only rudimentary training, Microsoft Excel is often not used to its full potential.

The program is more than just a method of generating spreadsheets and graphs and with the benefit of our specialised training in-house, your staff will quickly improve their skills. We can teach new users how Excel can enable you to create a database, perform complex mathematical tasks, construct formulas and manage workbooks, while training for more experienced staff could include using pivot tables and charts to sort data, learning about macros and their uses, and creating and applying custom styles. If there is a function of Excel which you particularly need to understand better, we can tailor a training course to your specific needs. You can see an overview of our course content on the Microsoft Excel page.

We are specialists in delivering onsite training, from as little as £55 per person and by conducting courses at your premises, valuable time and money can be saved by not traveling to distant training centres. We supply all the necessary training equipment, including laptops if required and deliver our training through tutor-led exercises. From Buckingham to Beaconsfield and throughout the county, we can deliver onsite training in all aspects of Microsoft Excel at foundation, intermediate and advanced levels.

For more information about Microsoft Excel training throughout Buckinghamshire, call free on 0800 2922842 or use our Quick Enquiry Form