Microsoft Office 2016 Has Arrived!

Microsoft have released their latest version of the Office suite of applications and on first inspection it would appear that little of any major significance has changed. There are some cosmetic differences which are quickly apparent and anyone who subscribes to the Office 365 service may see similarities between Office 2016 and the current online applications. However, the changes are more than just cosmetic and here are a few of what we feel are the more useful functions:

One new tool which is sure to become popular is the shortcut for attaching recently opened documents to emails. When the ‘Attach File’ button is clicked the full list of recently accesses documents is displayed first, including all Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. This is a very handy time-saving feature and already we’re wondering how we ever did without it!

Another potentially handy feature is the ability to search the Internet directly from inside of a Word document, email or even Excel spreadsheet. Simply highlight a word or phrase which you wish to research, then right-click and choose ‘Smart Lookup’. A pane named ‘Insights’ will open on the right with text clips and links to Internet-based resources such as websites, blog posts etc. Perhaps a downside to this feature is that it unsurprisingly uses Microsoft’s own search engine Bing, which  might not yield as comprehensive a search as perhaps using Google would.

If you’re unsure how to go about a particular task in any Office 2016 application, you can now use the new search box facility called ‘Tell Me’. Situated on the Home tab of the Ribbon menu, simply type an instruction into the search box and a list of options will be presented. In Excel for instance, typing in the word Functions enables direct access to the functions menu, including shortcuts to the most recently used.

In conclusion, whilst there is nothing of major significance in this latest version of Microsoft Office which would cause users any issues, there are a number of productivity enhancing tools which do deserve closer inspection.  If you would like to know more about the training options available for Microsoft Office 2016, please call free on 0800 2922842. Alternatively you can email using the Quick Form situated at the top of this page.