Microsoft Office Essentials Training Course

Microsoft Office Essentials brings together all of the most practical features of Outlook, Excel & Word into a single 1 day course. Aimed at individuals who haven’t previously received training on office computer tasks, this will give them all the skills they need to become proficient in just one day.

Microsoft Office Essentials is the ideal course for new staff members and anyone who needs upskilling to fulfill their role within the organisation.

  • Introduction to Microsoft Windows:
    • Desktop icons, opening & closing applications
    • Multi-tasking in Windows, minimising, moving & resizing applications
    • Opening and closing files, creating a folder structure
    • Navigating around the keyboard and using shortcuts
  • Introduction to Microsoft Word:
    • Formatting text, paragraphs and spell checking
    • Creating bulleted lists
    • Setting up Tabs, Headers & Footers
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel:
    • Entering & editing data, formatting worksheets
    • How to set up simple formulas: add, subtract, multiply, divide & percentages
    • Working with basic Excel functions: SUM, MIN, MAX, AVERAGE, COUNT & COUNTA
  • Introduction to Microsoft Outlook:
    • Sending & receiving email
    • Email security, sending & receiving attachments
    • Creating meetings in the calendar and inviting attendees

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