Microsoft OneNote Training Courses

Onsite OneNote training courses at your own offices anywhere in the UK

OneNote was designed by Microsoft as a handy tool for note taking, information gathering and multi-user collaboration. Yet despite the versatility of the application, relatively few people are using it regularly. This is perhaps down to a misunderstanding of the software and our new OneNote course has been designed to make it easy to get get the most from this useful business application.

What is OneNote?

OneNote is essentially an electronic notebook where you can write down notes, thoughts, ideas, scribbles, reminders and all kinds of other information. Unlike traditional document page formats, OneNote offers a free-form canvas where you can type, write or draw notes in the form of text graphics and images, wherever and however you want them. You may be wondering why you need to bother with another program when you can take perfectly adequate notes in Word, Outlook, even Notepad — or on paper. But imagine the convenience of having all your notes together in one place, with no need to remember file names or locations — and of being able to create a task in Outlook directly from your notes.

How Does OneNote Work?

OneNote uses ‘containers’ which can include  a variety of different data types:

  • Typed notes – just click and type
  • Bulleted and numbered lists
  • images such as photos, clipart etc.
  • Ink notes for use with Tablets, smart phones etc.
  • Screenshots from PC or Internet
  • information copied and pasted from other sources e.g. Internet or other applications
  • File attachments

Once created, notes can be moved around simply by clicking and dragging.  Press the Shift key while dragging if you want to merge note containers.  Containers can be moved to different pages, pages can be moved to different sections, sections can be moved to different notebooks.  Sections can also be grouped together to create a multi-level hierarchy. For extra space on a page, simply click the Insert Extra Writing Space button to extend the page.

For further information on OneNote training courses delivered at your own offices anywhere in the UK, please use the quick contact form at the top of the page. If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our advisers, please call 0800 2922842. Calls are free from a UK landline.