New Features in Microsoft Office 2013

Overview of the new features in Microsoft Office 2013

New Workspace Environment

Office 2013 applications share a common user interface, as with previous versions. So, when you’ve learned how to navigate around one application, you can apply the same concepts and a lot of the commands to the other applications in the suite. But the workspace environment has changed dramatically in version 2013.

SkyDrive – save and share files in the ‘Cloud’

Office 2013 makes it easier to save your workbooks to your own online location, like your free SkyDrive or your organization’s Office 365 service. It’s also simpler to share your worksheets with other people. No matter what device they’re using or where they are, everyone works with the latest version of a worksheet— and you can even work together in real time.

Access 2013

The new version supports PDF and XPS support. This is quite important. With Office Access 2013 you can save a report as a Portable Document Format file (PDF) or in XML Paper Specification (XPS) format for printing, posting, and e-mail distribution. By saving your report as a PDF or XPS file, you can capture report information in a form that retains all of your formatting characteristics yet does not require others to have Access 2013 to print or review your report.

Excel 2013

Create professional-looking charts more easily with a completely redesigned charting engine. Apply rich visual enhancements to your chart, such as 3-D, soft shadowing, and transparency. Create and interact with charts the same way, regardless of the application you are using, because the Office Excel 2013 charting engine is consistent in Microsoft Office Word 2013 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013

Office Groove 2013

When you create a Groove ‘workspace’, everyone can share information and work together. You can participate by posting messages and responses, sharing files, and tracking projects and meetings on your shared space. There are three kinds of workspaces:

  1. File sharing, which is a workspace for synchronizing a selected Windows folder across computers.
  2. Standard workspace, which is a workspace with a Files tool and a Discussions tool.

Template workspace, which offers a workspace with tools you select from a list, such as Calendar, where you can mark important dates and build collaborative schedules with workspace members; Sketchpad (where you can use drawing tools); and even Chess Game.

Office InfoPath 2013

Gather information using Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 e-mail messages. With Office InfoPath 2013, you can complete forms without leaving the familiar Office Outlook 2013 environment, helping you complete your forms quickly and efficiently.

OneNote 2013

Two-way, automatic task synchronization with 2003 and 2013 versions of Outlook, which lets you keep your busy life well ordered and highly productive.

Outlook 2013

RSS! You can now fully subscribe to and interact with Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds right from Office Outlook 2013, the most natural place to manage this kind of information. No more hunting around for just the right kind of client to get your RSS content. Get your daily dose of news along with your daily dose of e-mail.

PowerPoint 2013

Dramatically modify shapes, text, and graphics with new tools and effects. You can now manipulate and work with your text, tables, charts, and other presentation elements in much richer ways than ever before. Office PowerPoint 2013 makes these tools readily available through the streamlined user interface and contextual tabs, so that in just a few clicks, you can add impact to your work

Microsoft Project 2013

There are a couple of important new features:

1) You can use Top-Down Budgeting to define a budget at a high level (entire program or project) so the project manager can allocate funds and track costs against the budget, and…

2) Planned and actual costs can be assigned to a task with Cost Resources, which also supports integration of Project with accounting systems. Both these items make dealing with costs and accounting a whole lot simpler.

Publisher 2013

The addition of PDF capability. You can now save Office Publisher 2013 files in a fixed file format, such as Portable Document Format file (PDF) or XML Paper Specification (XPS), for easy sharing. PDF settings within Office Publisher 2013 include options for online viewing, desktop printing, and commercial press-ready printing.

Visio 2013

Connect shapes without drawing connectors. New connector functionality in Office Visio 2013 connects shapes, distributes them evenly, and aligns them for you — with only one click. When you move the connected shapes, they stay connected and the connectors automatically reroute between the shapes.

Word 2013

In a phrase: Building Blocks. This new feature is a way to add frequently used content to your documents. Select from a predefined gallery of cover pages, pull quotes, headers, and footers to make your documents look more professional. You can even create your own Building Blocks to simplify the addition of custom text, like legal disclaimer text or other frequently used materials.