Microsoft Project Training Courses Chester

From £55 per person, Microsoft Project training courses onsite at your own offices in Chester

Microsoft Project is one of the most popular and widely used project management packages, providing all the tools needed to allow a project manager to develop a plan, manage resources and budgets, assess workloads and track a project’s progress. In these budget-constrained times, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to produce reports and demonstrate accountability as a project progresses, and a full understanding of Microsoft Project allows you to do this.

However, while it is very popular, Microsoft Project is also notoriously difficult to self-teach and without meaningful training, users might not be taking full advantage of the software’s capabilities.

We have skilled tutors, who are themselves experienced project managers, who can deliver on-site training courses at your premises in Chester for as little as £55 per person. Individual training courses offered in-house have the benefit of being structured to suit your individual needs and can save you valuable time and money.

Our tutors can demonstrate how MS Project was intended to be used, ensuring that you and your projects benefit from all of its many features. We can show you how to design and print reports, schedule tasks, helping project managers to handle large and complex schedules and present project management data. Our training courses are comprehensive, covering most of what project managers need to know and by being individually tailored, can be delivered to users new to MS Project or more experienced users who wish to develop their skills.

For more information about Microsoft Project training courses in Chester, please call free on 0800 2922842 or email via the quick form on our Contact page.