Excel VBA Training Courses in London

excel-vbaExcel VBA Training at your own offices in London from just £55 per person

If you are spending much time on repetitive tasks in Microsoft Excel, learning VBA will considerably speed up your workflow. Our 1 day Visual Basic course will enable you to record and edit macros, write VBA code and create a user-friendly interface to automate regular tasks. During the course you will become familiar with the Visual Basic Editor and be able to:

  • Edit code and check for errors
  • Understand loops and conditional structures
  • Create functions
  • Work with variables
  • Build interactive forms
  • Use events with your macros

You will need an advanced working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, but no previous experience with VBA is required. Our onsite group rates make training 2 or more people considerably less expensive than attending a public course. In addition we are always are very happy to tailor training to meet your particular needs. Onsite training at your own offices can be work out as low as £55 per person, based on a course of 10 people. You can read more about this training option on our Onsite Training page.

To discuss Excel VBA training courses in London please call free on 0800 2922842, or email us using the form on our Contact page.