In House Windows 7 Training Courses

Windows 7 training courses delivered onsite at your own offices anywhere in the UK

windows 7 training coursesWindows 7 is becoming the standard platform for businesses across the UK with more and more migrating from XP. However, getting to grips with a new OS can be challenging for an organisation. There are new features to be learned and in the case of Windows 7, there are some which users are often unaware of.

Most of these features are designed to save time and increase productivity, but finding and learning how to use them can take time in itself. To speed up the learning process we offer a half-day Windows 7 Workshop which can be delivered onsite at your own offices anywhere in the UK. This course has been specifically written to get staff up and running after a new OS migration as quickly as possible. Here is a brief overview of the features covered in the 3 hour course:

  • New Task bar
  • Aero Peek
  • The Windows ‘Orb’ start menu
  • Snap, Preview Desktop, Shake & 3D features
  • Windows 7 Explorer
  • Windows Search
  • Jump Lists
  • Sticky Notes
  • Problem Steps Recorder

We can deliver Windows 7 training at your offices from £55 per person (based upon a group of 10). You can view our full pricing structure on the Onsite Training page.

We also provide live online training via our web conferencing facility. No special software is required and the training can be undertaken on any suitable laptop or PC with speakers & microphone or a headset. If you only have one member of staff to train this is a both a convenient and economical option. You can read more on our Online Training page.